Construction of the Mac SE/X

Photo Gallery


Before: The original Classic II and the 9" LCD monitor

Floppy slot widened to accept a CD

Screen bezel is modified with plasticard, epoxy and filler

Start of work on screen bezel - edges are filled with plasticard and filler

More filler

Original analogue board heavily modified to provide mains power input

Screen bezel taking shape - more filler and lots of elbow grease

The front frame of the LCD is glued to the modified screen bezel and more filler use to blend the two

Screen bezel nearly complete, sprayed with primer to help reveal any areas needing more work

Rear bucket sprayed silver, more primer and primer-filler used on the front panel

Final primer-filler on screen bezel prior to last sand down before painting

LCD monitor assembled to the front panel. The driver board is mounted at 90°

The Mac Mini in position

Audio power amplifier is assembled to the top of the chassis

Mac Mini fitted into the chassis, which has been extensively cut away to fit it

Mac Mini front view - sits on a new piece of fabricated chassis - the "deck" of the original one is about half-way up the Mini's height.

Fit of the LCD monitor - this shot taken before the chassis was modified to accept the Mini

Audio amplifier and power supply

Fit of the chassis into the rear bucket

Screen test - LCD is powered up and tested before comlete system is assembled

General view prior to final case finishing

Case finished wih decals applied and final clear coat sprayed on

Apple G5-like logo sprayed in grey