version 2.2.1 for OSX 10.4 or later, Universal Binary [download]

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Does the world really need another slideshow application? Well, no. But Pictureshow is more than just a slideshow. It allows you to quickly browse and organise collections of images but without the clutter and complexity of most image management applications.

The idea behind Pictureshow is simple: make a slideshow that allows you to rapidly access folders of images, mark images as you view them, then perform simple batch file processes on those marked images. The features of Pictureshow are carefully selected to help you navigate, organise and view collections of images such as those downloaded from the internet, while you view or browse them. In other words the image management is something that you can do without thinking as you view your image collections, not a separate, long-winded task that, let's face it, wouldn't probably get done at all otherwise.†

Pictureshow is designed not to get in the way of your images - it's image management by stealth.

†for those unable to read between the lines: this was going to be called "Pornviewer", but in fact it does have other uses ;-)